THE GIRL IN APARTMENT 9 starring Lola Kirke…

Lola and I made movie stills for a movie that doesn’t exist.

You can see them along with an interview with Lola about film noir and feminism in Hunger Mag.


SHOWSTOPPER starring Ashley Smith in Bullett Mag…

We made movie stills for a movie that doesn’t exist.

Showstop opener-01

My Musical Collaboration With A 9-Year-Old…

I was a teenager at family camp when I first wrote a song with a bunch of kids. I immediately recognized this as one of my favorite things to do and, ever since, I’ve written music with kids whenever I’ve had the chance. This music we’ve written has been some of my best, but it never gets recorded properly or released. In a rare exception, I made an EP with one of my favorite students, Lucy, age 9, titled “If You Don’t Like It, Please Leave”.



.Noisey review image-29

VICE wrote about THE TELL and the podcast.

Read the article here.

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